Every year it’s the same thing — September hits and all your favorite stores have replaced the cute summer dresses with endless racks of sweaters. While these sweaters are super cute, it seems completely unnecessary considering it’s still 80 degrees outside. Many women see these “heavier” sweaters and make the decision to just wait until it gets cold outside before they start shopping. Inevitably, when you go to get that special sweater you saw last month…it’s no longer in stock.  

It’s the catch-22 of finding a great sweater — not needing it just yet and when you finally do, it’s gone! What most women haven’t taken note of is that the sweater game is changing.  Over the years, designers have started adjusting sweaters to fit this transitional period. From designers like Chanel and Burberry, you’re starting to see more lightweight sweaters featured in their fall and winter lines. These are great pieces that are easily paired or layered later in the year with heavier winter styles.  

The tissue weight sweater is a great take on the classic sweater. It still has full sleeves and a long torso but also features a lightweight knit fabric that is breathable and easily transitioned from fall to winter. On warmer days, try pairing with a cute skirt and ankle booties. Once it starts to cool down, the thin fabric is easy to layer with your favorite cardigan and riding boots.  Check out our Dex Tissue Weight Sweater. It comes in three colors: navy, electric blue, and ballet rose. It’s perfect to pair on those days you still visit styles from your summer wardrobe and the asymmetric hem detail is phenomenal!

This season, there’s also a surge in vests, cropped sweaters, and sweaters with cutouts. That’s one way to make a sweater lighter — just take away some of the fabric! Try a cute cropped sweater with a high waisted mini skirt for a fun, flirty look. If you are looking for something more fun try layering a vest over your favorite graphic tee and pair with destructed jeans. Or you can keep it simple with a cold shoulder sweater, a contemporary style that is easily worn multiple ways.  

No matter what your feelings on early seasonal sweaters, don’t be afraid to shop the fall trends at your favorite stores. This year, you are sure to find new takes on this classic style that are wearable year-round. It may not be time to pull out your parka, but a simple transitional sweater could be just the thing you need to start this fall season!