Anyone who lives near a big University like UTK knows what a big deal college football is.  The countdown to the first game started months ago, everyone has their car radios set to sports talk, the top 25 was just released, and we are all pumped! Now it is time to put the finishing touches on the first tailgate of the year, beer, corn hole, 12 different types of dips, everything is almost complete… now what to wear?

What if you skipped that ratty old school t-shirt that permanently smells of fritos and bbq this year.  Don’t be one of the many women who fall prey to the idea that you can’t represent your team and individual style at the same time.  From shirtless men covered in body paint to adorable groups of sorority girls in their matching t-shirts, I love seeing all the different people, and how they choose to show their school pride.   Personally my game day style changes every week, usually based on what kind of tailgate I am going to.  

For evening games, my go-to is a casual lightweight dress featuring my team’s colors.  If I am going to be tailgating in the hot sun from noon, until a 7 o’clock kickoff, I don’t want to be smothered in fabric.  Just the thought of jeans for 7 hours covered in sweat makes me cringe.  As the season goes on, it starts cooling down, throw on a scarf and some boots to keep up with the season.  

My favorite game days are noon kickoffs with brunch tailgates — bring on the bacon! Nothing beats hanging out with your friends, eating brunch, and prepping for your team to kick some serious booty! You will find me next to the mimosas in white shorts and a flowy orange blouse that hides my bacon shame.  Once the fall weathers starts to creep in, I will trade out my shorts for a pair of jeans and booties.  

For the purest, who feels most comfortable at a game in their favorite t-shirt, try switching it up a little this year.  Try throwing a cute cardi or denim jacket over your tee once it starts to get cooler outside.  If you normally wear dark denim, switch it up with cute white jeans and some neutral boots.  You can still make your go-to shirt feel new with just a few fun accessories.  

Most importantly, don’t feel like these outfits are exclusive to football season; representing your school and you team is a year round trend.  Take pride in your outfit and your school, and try to incorporate your favorite football season finds into your everyday looks.  You can try a cute new clear bag that works year-round like our Purseptions bags.  Another option…try a great new pair of sunglasses with your team colors, or some jewelry — these are just easy ways to subtly show your school pride!